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12 Amazing Virtual Field Trips

Here is a chance to experience some of the wonders of our world — just a click away! Check out these incredible pages, which include: Google Sky, Mt Everest, Anne Frank's house, Google Art, Rare Books, Inside NASA, the White House and more!


The 7 Wonders of the World: panoramic views that you can click and drag for 360 degree views.


Google Art Collections: Google has taken 1,000's of art pieces from 17 museums around the world and compiled them into one place. You can even create a portfolio of your favorite pieces and add notes.


Google Sky: A really fun one! You an look at distant galaxies, track the movement of the constellations and planets and see the universe in x-ray vision.


Smithsonian: Museum of Natural History: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Smithsonian Museums! I could spend forever walking their halls. This VFT if awesome because it takes you through the museum and all you have to do is click the blue arrows to keep moving. Simple. The pictures are really high quality too.


Inside the White House: A fun way to look inside the White House. Did you know they have an underground floral shop inside there somewhere? Kinda cool.


The First Thanksgiving by Scholastic: A timely one for this time of year. It lets you talk to the Pilgrims and visit their village. It also has videos you can watch.


NASA Virtual Field Trip: This one is cool because it compares sites on Earth to Mars. However, you do need to download the software (it's free).


Inside Mount Vernon: This one takes you inside this historic house of George Washington.


Rare Book Room: I like this one. It lets you see pictures from the works of Shakespeare, Galileo, Benjamin Franklin. You can click on the picture to zoom in and actually read the text.


Dinosaur Dig: Interactive Dinosaur Dig. Fun!


Anne Frank's House: Very powerful. Especially for someone like me who has actually been there.


Mt. Everest: This one is pretty cool. Scroll all the way down to the bottom to get to the virtual tour. There is music that plays with the different sites you can visit.



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