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15 Energy Burning Activities for Kids {to do inside}

How can you burn off some of that youthful energy when your kids can't be outside? It can be as easy as calling upon some old favorites from your youth. Here are 15 games that you enjoyed that may have totally slipped your mind! Introduce your family to these tried and true games if they are not already a part of your routine.

1) Simon Says- Such a classic game and such a wonderful way to burn some energy with kids.

2) Red Light, Green Light- (walking, not running, when in the house!)

3) Pretend to Be- With this game, call out different animals or other things such as an airplane or race car. Then the kids have to pretend to be these things.

4) Color Game- Put 4 different colored pieces of paper on 4 different walls. Then call out the colors and have your kids go to the different colors. You could also do this with shapes, letters, or numbers.

5) Masking Tape Hop Scotch- Using masking tape, create a hop scotch on your kitchen floor.

6) Music- Just turn on some music and have a dance party. Instant energy burner!

7) Treasure Hunt- Show the kids a toy and then hide it in a room. Then the kids have to find the toy. Or you could hide a whole set of things like 5 different colored rings or a set of dinosaurs.

8) Ball- With a soft ball, sit down and roll the ball to each other.

9) Balloons- Use balloons for hours of fun (use safety and supervision as balloons that are popped can be a chocking hazard).

10). Hide and Seek– not only is this a fun activity, but it is awesome for teaching your kids numbers, counting and patience.

11). Jump from color to color – Lay out construction paper and let the kids jump from color to color. You could do this with shapes, too – jump to the color or shape and call out its name (or you, the parent, tell them which color or shape to jump to).

12). Pillow Hop – Kids can lay out the pillows from all of their beds and make a long trail. They can hop from cloud to cloud :)

13). Juggle – let your kids try to juggle whatever you have at home – oranges, plastic balls, socks (rolled up).

14). What’s in the bag? Let them run around the house and gather five things to put in a bag. They bring it to you (or a sibling) and let them guess what is inside without looking.


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