5 Ways to Help Motivate Inactive Kids

Technology can work against us when we are trying to raise active kids. Here are some simple suggestions to help get those screen-obsessed young ones to get moving!

Find what they love

Trial and error of trying out activities until something sticks is a great approach to creating life long habits. Don’t make a big deal out of the experience just simply say “I thought we could all go and try X today for fun.” Make sure it is an activity that has you all moving and see if they ask to go back.

Use technology to your advantage

A simple pedometer can create a family challenge that not only burns calories, but creates many fun conversations and interactions. This is perfect for pre-teens who love to compete to see who gets the highest number. This simple method of recording daily movement can be effective with teenagers and adults.

Give real rewards

Get creative with a rewards system that recognizes making healthy choices daily. Pick a gift or family outing that you know will truly motivate your child to keep up with their activities long term.

Lead by example

Be a good example and get active with your family. Children love to emulate their parents so set a good example by making your own health a priority.

Don’t use exercise as punishment

Make exercise and activity a positive experience for everyone involved. Using it as a form of punishment or kicking your kids outside when it’s cold to “get active” may create a negative association with exercise that will last into adulthood.


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