9 Calm Down Ideas for Kids

Teaching kids to channel their "big" emotions to alternative activities or pursuits is a great way to help them discharge emotions in a safe way. Here are some easy ways to encourage self-regulation without hurting themselves or others.

9 Calm Down Ideas for Kids

1. Go outside and kick a ball or run around: the physical activity is a great outlet for overwhelming emotions and nature is a great healer.

2. Punch a pillow: a safe way to let off steam when managing angry or frustrated feelings.

3. Listen to music or sing a song: one for children who find music comforting.

4. Close your eyes and think of a calm place: a great relaxation tool for kids, this is one to practice with them at other times (before sleep is a great time) so that they can call on it when they are struggling with emotions.

5. Draw a picture: encourage your child to use their creativity to symbolically represent how they are feeling, “Do you want to draw me a picture of how you are feeling?”

6. Write a letter or a story: again, this technique provides your child with a creative outlet for their feelings – “Maybe you could write your brother a letter and tell him how you feel?” “Why don’t you write a story about what happened. You could even make up a new ending.”

7. Read a book: one for children who find reading provides a sense of relief from other pressures.

8. Talk to someone: as adults we tend to call on those close to us when we are struggling with big emotions. Your child might need that same exact support to process what they are feeling.

9. Ask for a hug: some children will find comfort in close physical contact when they are feeling overwhelmed.


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