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Adventures in Geography: Where in the World is our Food From?

Here is a fun idea to incorporate into your next grocery store visit. Learning where our food is grown and harvested is a great way to introduce geography to your kids. Whether it is the abundance of produce from the Central Valley or specialty produce that is transported, discovering the location and then charting it on a map at home is a great learning experience. Many markets label the origins of the produce they carry. The kids can take notebooks and or index cards to gather the information and then go home and map it out on their map.

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Kids can draw pictures that will provide them a great visual on their maps.

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This project is great on so many levels. Not only does it provide a nice introductory lesson to local and world geography, but it also opens up dialog about the value of locally grown foods, conserving resources, and supporting local growers. The natural extension of the mapping activity are trips to your local farmer's market. Not only are you providing lessons about geography, but you are creating responsible and knowledgeable consumers!

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