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Brain Breaks: 7 YouTube Channels to Get Kids Moving & Grooving

Whether you’re stuck inside because of the weather, you just need to change up the tone on one of THOSE days at home, OR you’re looking for brain break ideas for your tribe, this collection of YouTube channels includes plenty of inspiration to get kids moving, grooving and having fun. They’re just perfect for a re-set, whether you are at home or at school.

For those of you wondering, what is a brain break? It’s simply a short (under 5 minutes), engaging activity that teachers use to refresh and refocus student attention. A brain break should get the blood pumping and the brain working!

7 Youtube Channels To Get Kids Moving & Grooving

1. Debbie Doo: Great movement routines to simple songs, perfect for younger kids.

2. Cosmic Kids Yoga: A big collection of yoga routines presented as adventures for kids. Check out the short 2 minute videos for brain breaks or the longer stories if you have more time.

3. PBS SteveSongs and Exercise Like A: The Steve Songs videos feature a popular PBS performer and the Exercise Like A clips are short, animated routines that get kids moving.

4. The Learning Station: A huge range of fun action songs kids will love.

5. Have Fun Teaching: As an adult, the Fitness Songs are on the repetitive side but my girls love them! Better for younger grades.

6. Dance Sweat Live: The Mini Workouts feature simple dance routines to popular songs. Great for older kids too.

7. Move to Learn: Simple, fun workouts for children across a range of ages.


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