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Dancing Jingle Bells Christmas Science

Science and experimenting is just plain fun (even for grow-ups), especially when you add a little Christmas to simple science!

Here is Christmas-themed experiment that is fun and easy to orchestrate.

Simple supplies for this simple Christmas science!

  • clear glass container
  • jingle bells
  • room temperature carbonated soda (Sprite or 7up)

Add a bunch of jingle bells to a glass jar. Pour soda into the jar...and...


Within seconds the bells start dancing!

If you have enough bells in the jar, the jingle bells will even hit each other with a clink sound and at times even jingle!!!

You would be surprised at how long these jingle bells will dance!

Density plays a part in this experiment. The jingle bells are on the bottom and do not instantly begin floating in the soda because they are more dense than the liquid. Air bubbles begin to surround the jingle bells and causes the bells to float up. When the air bubbles pop, the bells sink down again.

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