Edible Geography: Snap, Crackle and Pop to the Earth's Core

Science has yet to prove that the earth’s core is not made up of gooey marshmallow crunchies! Take advantage of this shortcoming to teach your children about earth layers, via rice krispie treats.

Fun Quotient: Let’s see. Frosting, sprinkles, krispie treats, and a molten core that looks a little bit disgusting. (The only thing missing to make it kid heaven is a giant trampoline to bounce on while you eat it.)

Lesson Learned: A great way to show the proportions of our earth’s interior. If you want to brush up a bit on your geography, here is a great site, geared towards kids, teaching about the Earth's layers.

And, the activity offers some philosophy, too: In the grand scheme we’re only but a thin layer of frosting, and Mt. Everest is nothing but a sprinkle! Enjoy!


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