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Fantastic Spelling Apps!

Are you looking for an app to help your beginning speller? You may not know where to begin. How are you to know which of the gazillion apps is the worth your money? And, more importantly, your child’s time?

Designed by a reading specialist, they were created using the principles of word study, a research-based approach to teaching spelling. So far, the series includes two awesome apps: the Short Vowel Word Study App and the Long Vowel Word Study App.

Word study is a hands-on, thoughtful approach to spelling instruction based on the bookWords Their Way. No writing words five times each. No endless workbook pages.

  • Children learn to spell words in this sequence:
    • one-syllable short vowel words (mop, hat, flip)
    • one-syllable long vowel words (bike, say, field)
    • multi-syllable words which may include prefixes and suffixes (funny, dresses, careful)
    • words whose spellings are related to the words they’re derived from (criticize, confident, and dependable).
  • Children learn to spell words by sorting them and doing other hands-on activities.
  • Rather than memorize rules which are often broken, children discover patterns in words.
  • In a classroom, kids aren’t all taught the same word study lessons. Instead, children learn according to their level of development.

Can my child use the apps if he’s not learning to spell with word study?

Yes, yes! And here’s how you know if the apps are right for your child.

  • Is your child reading short vowel words (cat, map, jam) and starting to include vowels in her spellings? She needs the Short Vowel Word Study App. Often, this applies to children in kindergarten or first grade. (Want to know more about this app? Click here.)
  • Is your child reading and spelling short vowel words consistently (even stand and thump), but confusing long vowel spellings (wate for wait, or cralled for crawled)? Then she’s ready for the Long Vowel Word Study App)

What’s in the apps?

Short Vowel Word Study App has four levels of play. Long Vowel Word Study App has eight (wow!). For each level, you’ll find four different spelling activities.

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Sort it.

Children sort the words according to their pattern. The first level in the Short Vowel Word Study App uses pictures for extra support.

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Find it.

Which word is unlike the others? To find out, your child will need to read each word aloud. The oddball may be different because of how it sounds or because of how it’s spelled. In the above example, “mind” is different because it makes the long i sound even though it has the same spelling patterns as the other words.

Talk about something to make your kid think!

Spell it.

In “spell it,” move the tiles to make the word.

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Write it.

Use your finger to trace or write the word. Compare your spelling to the correct spelling when you’re done.

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These apps are PACKED with great learning activities. You’ll love that the games are colorful, bright, and straightforward. (No annoying music, just fun sound effects!)

Click here for Short Vowel Word Study

Click here for Long Vowel Word Study

Have fun!


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