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Geography Fortune Tellers

Kids are obsessed by fortune tellers! Why not take advantage of the fascination to practice geography? Gear the contents of your fortune teller to your child. You may want to start with continents, and as kids advance move on to cities, oceans, or famous landmarks. There are just so many ways to add your own spin on it. Thanks to their fortune-tellers, your kids will easily find the countries you chose to include.

If you need to brush up on your fortune teller folding skills click here.

To play the game, your child chooses a number. The person with the fortune-teller moves it back and forth that many times. Then, he or she will chose another number and the person with the fortune-teller will move it back and forth that many times. Finally, your child chooses one last number and lifts the flap. Find that country on a map or globe. Keep going as often as you want.

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