Google Maps = Treasure Maps for Your Kids

Kids love treasure hunts. They also love anything related to pirates and the "search"! Here is a fun way to make a pirate treasure hunt map for your kids using Google maps.

Go to Google maps and take a screenshot of your house in the satellite view.


Then use an image of a grid with coordinates and overlay it on top of the image. (I got this one off of an image search, but you can also make one in a word processing program.


If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can easily do this with a free photo imaging app called InstantBlend. (There are probably others that work as well, but this is the one I found in my search that had good reviews.) In this app it is SO simple. You just load the two images you want to use and it overlaps them. Then you an choose how you want it blended. Once you get it looking the way you want, print out your map.


Use this map to hide clues for your kids. Give them puzzles to figure out that will lead them to the coordinates. At each coordinate hide a clue around the yard. At the end, like every great treasure hunt, there is some sort of little treasure for them to discover!


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