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How to Teach Your Children to Keep Their Rooms Clean

Spring is in the air and for many spring cleaning is well under way. Use this time to implement some tips with your little ones to help keep them nice and organized!

5 Tips to Teaching Children to Keep Their Room Clean

Tip 1: Everything In Its Place

It is imperative that you start the teaching by giving everything in their room a place that it belongs. Using cubicals or fabric drawers are great ways to organize their toys in their room. Keep like things together, in one drawer: color coordinate for children, so they know whose drawer is whose.

Once everything in its place, a child will be able to understand where something belongs and can be one step closer to keeping their room clean. Half the battle for a child is not understanding where things should go and how to keep them organized without having it demonstrated for them.

This type of organizing in their room helps them to play creatively for longer period of time and helps implement the next tip easier.

Tip 2: Put Things Back When You Are Done With It

By having their toys organized, they can have all their Legos out at one time and enjoy hours of play, but they know that they can’t go outside without taking care of the Legos first.

Allow them to take more than one drawer out at a time, like their army men with Lincoln Logs because they obviously can be played together. It helps them enjoy the play together but will also be easy to separate in their correct drawers.

Tip 3: Start a Morning Routine

“As your morning goes, so does the rest of your day.”

We all know this quote, and it works with teaching your children to keep their room clean. Have a set routine for the morning, which includes: making their bed as early as possible, taking care of dirty clothes when they get dress and to open their curtains and blinds.

This starts the day with a clean room and will help them continue this focus through the day.

Tip 4: Implement a Clean Up Time Before Dinner

It is easy to call our children to the dinner table, while their toys lay on their floor. Chances are your evening may not include you children going back into their room until bedtime. Then, there is the last minute push before bedtime to get everything cleaned up.

This is a gold nugget tip that will revolutionize your child keeping their room clean.

Give them a 30 minutes time prior to dinner to start to clean up their room and then they can help set the table for dinner. It provides the peace and calm during the bedtime routine that is needed.

Tip 5: Tidy Up Once a Week Together

Once a week, go into your children’s room with them and do a five minute tidy up. There easily can be several things that haven’t made it to its assigned place throughout the week, or made its way under the bed or in the closet.

Have your child dust their room and vacuum, while you do an inspection and help put the odds and ends in their right place. Always make mention that you found things that didn’t belong where you found them. Point out things that when you put them in their right place to re-enforce their rightful place and to keep your children accountable.

The following week during tidy up time, if you find the same things out of their rightful place, hand them to the children and have them put them where they belong.

It won’t take long before this tip won’t be needed if you are consistent with implementing them


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