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Journey Sticks

On your next walk encourage your kids to create a journey stick. A journey stick is essentially a memento of a nature walk featuring items collected whilst on the walk; these might be things like leaves, twigs, flowers, feathers or anything else natural that you find along the way.

Younger children can use a piece of cardboard with double sided tape attached to secure the items to the card. Older children can make a journey stick the traditional way by choosing a stick and attaching items to it using string or wool.

With all nature activities, you need to be mindful of protecting your surroundings. Spend a couple of minutes explaining this to children before you start, and only collect things that have fallen to the ground.

This activity really appeals to kids; it involves hunting, collecting, comparing with other children, as well as the opportunity to get creative with the stick design. The sticks will be unique and incorporate different items with a variety of shapes, colors, textures, and sizes.

A journey stick is such a great activity to do with children during an outdoor trip; it keeps them busy, helps them learn about nature, and provides them with a memento to take home. You also need very little in the way of preparation; just some string or sticky cardboard, depending on which type you’re making. Journey Sticks can be a fun family tradition: a lovely reminder of days surrounded by nature and family.

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