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Making Sight Word Learning Fun!

Are you looking for an easy, no prep way to get kids to practice their spelling words? Try this fun Finger Spelling Hopscotch game. One of the best ways to help kids remember how to spell words is to get them using their words in hands-on and meaningful ways. This may mean ditching the traditional practices of teaching spelling and spelling tests for more developmentally appropriate and fun ways to learn words.

Note: The link to these free, printable game boards can be found at the END of this post.

Finger Spelling Hopscotch

This spelling game is SO easy to set up. All you need is

  • a spelling list {such as sight word lists and/or phonics words}
  • a game board {pick from 6 different-looking game boards}
  • a pencil
  • a small manipulative for the child to toss

To prep the game board, the child needs to write ten spelling words on the blanks.

Now comes the fun part! The child tosses the small manipulative onto the board and “finger hops” to the word it has landed on. She reads the word, hops back and does it again.

Yes, it’s that simple! But if you’d like some variations or extensions, check out the ideas below.

Quick Variations:

  • If a child has fewer than ten spelling words, she can use review spelling words or write a few words more than once on the game board.
  • Your child can read every word she hops on instead of just the one word each time.
  • If you’d like to sneak in a little math, students could also keep a tally mark record of which words the manipulative lands on. This could done on a separate piece of paper or a dry erase board.
  • Students could switch hopscotch boards with each other after they have used their own board.
  • Laminate boards and use a dry erase marker to make them re-usable.

Click here for the free printable.

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