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Nature Weaving Craft

Whether it is a walk around the neighborhood or a week camping, nature looms are a wonderful way to celebrate nature and create wonderful outdoor memories.

To begin, collect sticks for your loom. 1/4 to 3/4 inch diameter sticks will work well for this craft. The length will depend on the size and shape of the loom you plan to make.

Lash the sticks together with yarn to create the base of your loom.

Pull tight as you wrap the yarn in a criss-cross fashion around the two sticks, then tie it off at the back.

Make the loom any size or shape you want.... you can make a rectangle

or maybe a triangle.... you can get really crazy and make a trapezoid or even a hexagon!

Tie a piece of yarn around one of the corners and begin wrapping it around the loom.

Wrapping it around the stick twice will help keep the yarn taught and prevent it from sliding on the sticks.

Tie the yarn off on one of the corners when you reach the other side of the loom.

Get creative with your loom. Use colorful yarn or ribbon, string beads along the yarn as you wrap it, or paint the sticks with a fun design!

Go on a nature walk in your backyard, neighborhood, or the park. Collect interesting grasses, flowers, leaves, seed pods, nuts, and pieces of bark that you find on the ground. If you are lucky, you may even find a feather. Just make sure you have permission before taking anything from another person's yard or the park.

Weave your treasures through the strings of the loom. You can make a pattern or go will-nilly, it's up to you!

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