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Phonics Flip Book

If you have an early reader in your house this phonic flip book will be a great addition to your took kit! These are so easy to make and to use.

This flip chart focuses on blending (or chunking) words.

How to Make a Phonic Flip Book

  1. One pack of the 3×5 index cards that come on a binder.
  2. Cut all of the cards so that roughly 2/3rds of the card was on the right and 1/3 on the left.
  3. Make a list of most common words and add them in the top cover.
  4. You can also write the endings on all the cards in the chart.

Add the first letters and beginning blends. Some of the blends to add to the chart included: ab, ad, bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl, br, cr, dr, fr, gr, tr, th, sh, ch, wh, sch, sk, sn, sm, sp, st, str, sw, kn, etc.

The majority of the words in the English language can be created from the blending of these “word families” and the various “beginning” combinations.

This is a great way to help kiddos understand how to break down and “chunk” their words.


To make this a bit more challenging, (and creative) ask your kids to use a word they "create" from their flip book in a sentence. It is fun, not all of the blends “mix” to make real words and it’s entertaining to hear the definitions and “sentences” children use with their pretend words.


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