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Quick and Colorful Kids' Gardens

By helping your kids make a small space in the yard specifically for them, you can keep them entertained this summer, teach them responsibility, increase their confidence and keep your plants intact. This project is very simple and completely customizable to your budget and your space ( you could even do it in a pot or planter box if you don't have a yard).

1. Choose and paint fencing for the garden.

2. Mark out the spot where your fencing will go and set it aside.

3. Help your kid(s) plant their plants within the marked area.

4. Together, put up the fence around the plants and secure it ( you can attach the fence sections to each other with plastic zip ties if they won't stay together).

5. Kids can add a sign, a garden ornament or stepping stones and decorate it-this is their space!

6. Enjoy a summer full of adventure, ooh and ahh at each day's new blooms and maybe even sample some summer vegetables!

  • Remember the kids are calling the shots on this one. Let them make as many of the choices about the garden as possible. This gives them a feeling of ownership over their garden and confidence by allowing them to make the decisions.

  • Have the kids do a little research before buying their plants. Using the Internet or books, and your guidance, they can learn which plants are compatible in your zone, which prefer sun or shade, etc. (they'll be learning without even knowing it).
  • Let the kids add some vegetable plants. It's much simpler than a full-blown vegetable garden, but with the benefits of learning about growing your own food ( this also makes for more fun summer activities like finding recipes that will use up the 10 lbs of zucchini you've surprisingly grown in that little kid garden).
  • If you've got a flower-picker on your hands, consider a cutting garden made up flowers that bloom frequently.
  • Resist the urge to water their plants for them, unless they are really little. A garden is a great way to teach responsibility and help them understand the consequences of their actions: bright, beautiful blooms or burned up begonias.
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