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Summer Reading Bingo

With summer here, parents are looking for something to inspire & motivate their little readers. These fun Summer Reading BINGO charts created by Chirping Moms Blog is a fun solution to encourage reading over the summer. Here’s how it works:

1. Set a reading time goal for each individual child.

2. Decide on one or several prizes. These could be a special trip for ice cream, a new toy, a trip to the water park, or really anything. Just make sure the prizes are something that the kids really want to earn.

3. Start reading, reading, & reading. As they read, the child gets to cross off the chart.

4. Then comes the prizes. You could give a small prize for getting BINGO (5 across or 5 down) & a really awesome prize for finishing the whole chart and getting blackout, it’s really whatever you decide.

5. Celebrate your little reader!

Click here to download and print three BINGO cards. You can save it or print from there. Make sure to scale it to size when printing!


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