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Valentine's Day Craft: Stamping Hearts with Cardboard Rolls

Here is a terrific Valentine's Day Craft for the little ones. Kids can use this fun and easy art technique to make homemade cards or wrapping paper.

You only need a few supplies, and the process really fun but very simple. So simple that even your toddlers and preschoolers will have fun with it.

For stamping hearts with cardboard rolls, you’ll need:

  • cardboard rolls (kitchen rolls, toilet rolls or wrapping paper tubes)
  • rubber bands
  • acrylic paint (in the colours of your choice)

If your kids are just doing this heart stamping as an activity, and not to make a display piece, they can stamp their hearts on a piece of light coloured card stock. Experiment with rolls of brown packaging paper, canvas, or other surfaces.

Once you’ve chosen your canvas it’s time to prepare your cardboard rolls and turn them into stamping hearts.

To do this, you’re going to create a crease in the top side (at the end) of the cardboard roll. This will give you the two bumps that form the top of the heart. Then you’ll need to squeeze the bottom of the cardboard roll to form the pointy bottom of the heart.

When you’re happy with the way your heart looks, wrap a rubber band around the end of the tube to hold it in place.

Now, you can flip the cardboard tube around, and make a heart out of the other end as well. That way, your kids can dip each end of the tube in a different color when they’re stamping. Have fun!

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