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Yarn Painting!

Yarning for a creative art project without the mess?

Use yarn!

This is a really low mess, easy art activity that is fun the older crowd as well!

All you need is clear self-adhesive book covering (which we call contact paper), scissors, some tape and some colored yarn. That’s it.

Tape the self-adhesive paper, sticky side up, to a sheet of paper directly onto the table. You just need to add a little tape at each corner to keep it still.

Collect a whole lot of different colored knitting yarn and cut it into randomly sized pieces. Now all your need to do is arrange the yarn onto the sticky paper.

The yarn sticks to the self-adhesive paper, no glue required, so you can arrange it any way you like, and take it off and rearrange if it you change your mind.

You can make a specific picture or design, or just fill the sticky paper with random swirls of color.

Let imaginations run wild!

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