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At no additional charge students are provided dedicated staff support for Common Core strategies, as well as learning resources including laptop computers and iPads.


Playdough is a great medium to help children remember their United States geography. Many children are tactile learners and tend to "remember with their hands". Finding a map and allowing younger students to create their own state will do much to help them recall the location of the states. This is a great recall activity for adults helpers, as well...especially when your focus moves to the Northeastern states!


Sometimes an innovative approach is all that it takes to motivate a less-than-enthusiastic child. "Make and Write a Story Roll" is a great way to encourage writing at home. It is a happy activity that gets children excited about creating books. By using both hands and heads children will invent something that is uniquely their own. This is fun to share and a great gift for grandparents or teachers.

It is as easy as collecting...


As the start of the school year approaches, have you seen your first grader go into meltdown mode at the mention of school, or watched your soon-to-be kindergartner regress back to baby talking and thumb sucking? Rest assured that you’re not alone.

Dr. Joan Simeo Monson shares this advice with parents regarding the first of the school year.

Each fall, millions of parents deal with their children’s beginning-of-the-year anxiety....


Here is a beautiful watercolor project guaranteed to bring smiles of satisfaction to children and parents alike. Techniques taught culminate in a beautiful image.

What it will teach

This project will help master the crucial skill of watching paint dry… and thereby teach when to apply more paint and how much water to use! The project also offers the opportunity to consider ways of applying the paint, and the...


Oil and Water experiments have been around for a long while, but when you add glow in the dark paint in the mix, it becomes really interesting and way more memorable. Here is what you need:


Here is a fun way to encourage your kids to learn their states: State Quarters! All you need is a good US map and handful of quarters to start. The best part is that the US Mint has a page H.I.P. Pocket Change that gives a little history behind the image on each of the commemorative coins. Physically placing the coin on the map while identifying the state with its history will help...

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Time to put that Ipad to great use for your kids! Here is a list of some great Ipad apps to help increase your kids vocabulary that are effective AND fun!

iPad has made teaching vocabulary to young learners way easier and much more fun. There are now a wide range of fabulous iPad apps to use with your kids to get them to improve and enrich their vocabulary and move to the next level of their language learning. I have been curating...


Here is a great project to help little ones with addition and subtraction. Trace your child's hand, write out the addition and subtraction math problems and watch the fun as those little paper fingers bend with each attempt. (And, of course there is the "High 5" at the end of the activity!)

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 2.00.32 AM.png

Use this fun idea to encourage creativity at home. Storytelling prompts can provide just the right amount of motivation to capture your kids imagination and attention. Clink the link to access some printable story prompts or create your own. Individualizing them for your family can be especially fun.



Even in our own “cosmic neighborhood,” distances in space are so vast that they are difficult to imagine. This activity is a great exercise to help young learners comprehend hard-to-imagine concepts. Kids build a scale of model of the distances in the solar system using rolls of toilet paper.

This fantastic activity outlined by Susanne Chippindale provides...


Your child might not know where Greece is on the map, but teaching about culture is as close as a game away! These games from different countries are a great and fun way to introduce your children to traditions and cultures different from their own. Playing games is a great way to make the world a "smaller" place!

Chile: Corre, Corre la Guaraca

The fun-to-say game name translates to "Run,...

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Here is a fun way to work on reading comprehension with your kids. Each stick has a different comprehension question written on it. Have your child draw one stick and read it. (Some questions are answered BEFORE reading, some are DURING, and others are AFTER. With training, they can quickly identify when they will need to answer their question.)

They are already things you would discuss, but simply allowing your child to...

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Here is a list of 12 awesome free kindle apps for kids! Many of these are educational, all of them are awesome!

12 Free Best Kindle Apps for Kids

  1. ...
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Too much writing freedom can make reluctant writers feel adrift in the middle of the sea. When you hear your children complain: I can’t think of what to write about, a simple idea may be all they need to set them on course again.

The suggestions below from Writeshop.com offer loads of writing ideas for kids. For added fun, print them and let the...

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Sometimes learning new Math skills is only cupcake liner away! This easy game is fun for the kids and is great to teach or reinforce money counting. Adapt it for the age of your children. Older siblings may find this game fun if there is a speed element involved. Add a cupcake to the mix and you have a fun and memorable family activity!



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Here is a fun idea to incorporate into your next grocery store visit. Learning where our food is grown and harvested is a great way to introduce geography to your kids. Whether it is the abundance of produce from the Central Valley or specialty produce that is transported, discovering the location and then charting it on a map at home is a great learning experience. Many markets label the origins of the produce they carry. The kids can...

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Are you looking for an easy, no prep way to get kids to practice their spelling words? Try this fun Finger Spelling Hopscotch game. One of the best ways to help kids remember how to spell words is to get them using their words in hands-on and meaningful ways. This may mean ditching the traditional practices of teaching spelling and...

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Are you looking for an app to help your beginning speller? You may not know where to begin. How are you to know which of the gazillion apps is the worth your money? And, more importantly, your child’s time?

Designed by a reading specialist, they were created using the principles of word study, a research-based approach to teaching spelling. So far, the series includes two awesome apps: the Short Vowel Word Study App and the Long Vowel...

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Are you, as a parent, struggling to help your child with homework? The Best Homework Apps will help students in several subject areas and provide teacher help in some areas. If Algebra and Geometry are foreign languages to you, these apps will become your translator!

Students from middle school to grad school will appreciate the help these apps give and how easily transportable they are on a...

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Here is a fun and inexpensive game to encourage spelling skills. Letters are written on Lima beans...both lowercase and capitals and multiples of each. Cover an empty container with construction paper, attach a label, and you have a new game the kids will enjoy.

Kids can use an old medicine cup to scoop out some beans and then create words from the beans in front of them. This activity can be adapted any way you like. For example,...

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Free materials from Standford University educate students to recognize the difference between real and fake news. Students can click on free worksheets to examine whether news is fake or paid advertisements. These worksheets are just a starting point for what should be an ongoing conversation about what sources of information should (and should not) be deemed trustworthy.

These worksheets serve as a pre-test of sorts to assess where...