Part Time Hourly Option

25 hrs.


40 hrs.


55 hrs.


75 hrs.


95 hrs.


Hourly tuition is calculated on an hourly basis billed to the next quarter hour. Any hours attended over the number of contracted hours will be billed at $12.90 per hour.

Late Pick-Up Fee

$25.00 per quarter hour or portion thereof

Returned Check Fee


Late Payment Fee

10% of any outstanding balance after the seventh business day

Contract Change Fee



  • Sibling Discount 10% sibling discount. The discount will be applied to the lesser amount.
  • SRVUSD Discount 15% tuition discount to SRVUSD employees

Any account more than two weeks in arrears will result in interruption of care. Tuition rates are subject to change with changes in the elementary school’s schedule.