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Is your child academically prepared for Kindergarten? Look for these important factors when considering a KinderPrep Program. 1-Oral Language Skills. 2-Listening Skills. 3-Independence. 4-Social Skills. 5-Letter & Number Recognition. 6-Enthusiasm for Learning. Read More


What did Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Benjamin Franklin, and Steve Jobs have in common?


It was curiosity that propelled some of history’s greatest minds to pioneer humanity’s greatest discoveries. Philosopher Thomas Hobbes called it "the lust of the mind." Yet, over the centuries we have been warned by both fable and parable of the dangers of succumbing to curiosity; Pandora and her box, Eve and the apple, and that poor cat all served as words to the wise. Luckily, we no longer cling to this antiquated view of curiosity; however, neither do we...


Who We Are

The Growing Room Education Council in collaboration with parents and The San Ramon Valley Unified School District has created the most comprehensive after-school program in the East Bay. As a California non-profit Organization, we specialize in social development, academic enrichment, and emotional support to school-aged children in the community.

The Growing Room's proven 'NextGen' Curriculum supports and augments classroom learning by applying concepts taught in school to real-world projects where students are encouraged to freely discover, design and develop solutions in small teams.


Our Curriculum

The Growing Room's NextGen Curriculum is the framework for true school-age collaboration and problem solving in the real world. NextGen is a fun and creative way for students to prepare for their futures in a variety of sessions including STEAM, Electives, Fitness Fusion, Homework Lab and Weekly Showcases.

STEAM Sessions allow students to apply Science and Art/Design principles utilizing technology in either challenging projects or free-form tinkering projects. Mentor Teachers work with older students to plan STEAM lessons for younger students.

Elective Sessions allow our students to specialize in skills and talents that interest them by choosing sessions focused around Community Service & Character Building, Language & Culture, Literature/Creative Writing/Book Club, Public Speaking & Debate, Family & Consumer Sciences, Health & Nutrition and Environmental Studies.

Fitness Fusion provides an integrated approach to overall wellness by building strength, flexibility and endurance with daily access to Sports & Organized Games, Yoga, Challenges, Cheer & Dance, and Aerobic Exercise sessions focusing on Health & Nutrition.

Homework Lab provides specialized after school homework support for our students. We collaborate with elementary school teachers to support assigned work and projects as well as to identify special student needs and effective teaching strategies. Chromebooks and iPads are available for use during Homework Lab.

Weekly Showcases are our way of recognizing the hard work of our students. Students are given the opportunity weekly to showcase what they have been working on in our popular Art Exhibits, Science Fairs, Cheer or Dance Performances, Movie Screenings and Concerts.


Our Locations

Neil Armstrong
Tassajara Hills
Hidden Hills
Live Oak
The Academy
Bollinger Canyon
Twin Creeks
Golden View