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Is your child academically prepared for Kindergarten? Look for these important factors when considering a KinderPrep Program. 1-Oral Language Skills. 2-Listening Skills. 3-Independence. 4-Social Skills. 5-Letter & Number Recognition. 6-Enthusiasm for Learning. Read More


Is your child grumpy or argumentative, resistant or unresponsive, tearful or fearful? What about full-blown meltdowns? It could be that all of these unwelcome emotions are the unintended result of the same circumstance — transitions.

A transition refers to change. Transitioning, or moving, to new places, people and activities is something we do many times during the day; however, change can be overwhelming and seem unpredictable for your child, especially when he is not ready to make that move to the next place or activity.

Being asked to switch gears is a common trigger for...


Who We Are

The Growing Room Education Council in collaboration with parents and The San Ramon Valley Unified School District has created the most comprehensive after-school program in the East Bay. As a California non-profit Organization, we specialize in social development, academic enrichment, and emotional support to school-aged children in the community.


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