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Thanks to the generous donations of hundreds of Haunted House patrons, The Growing Room Academy was able to donate a significant amount of non-perishable food to the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano. This annual food donation serves thousands of parents rely on the Food Bank to help feed their families each week.

Because there are many children in need of quality food within our county, the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano has programs throughout the year to help alleviate childhood hunger, including Food for Children, Farm...


Forget sociological and cultural strides in modern society. Public shaming is back with a vengeance and social media is the new Public Square. While adults certainly fall within the purview of media shaming, it is children, at the hands of their own parents, who are the growing victims.

What are a growing number of parents doing when their child posts provocative pictures on Facebook or breaks rules regarding social media? Some parents have found (what they believe) an effective solution to their child’s inappropriate and often embarrassing behavior. They take to social media...


Who We Are

The Growing Room Education Council in collaboration with parents and The San Ramon Valley Unified School District has created the most comprehensive after-school program in the East Bay. As a California non-profit Organization, we specialize in social development, academic enrichment, and emotional support to school-aged children in the community.


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