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A Special Pre-School Program at the Academy for ages 2-5, our program fosters enthusiasm and a love of learning at an early age! Essential learning experiences help prepare children to become successful kindergarten students by providing individualized attention, specially designed enrichment areas and curriculum, fun & nurturing and educational environments in small class settings, meaningful learning experiences, and exceptional teaching practices.

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Academy Preschool

Decades of educational research regarding the importance of preschool for children can be summed up in one strong message: Children who attend preschool fare better than their non-preschool peers academically, emotionally, and socially. Yes, preschool matters! Preschool education contributes to better long-term educational, social, and even occupational outcomes for participants, persisting well beyond regular school years.

Children need a positive group experience before Kindergarten.

Preschools do what less structured group experiences do not: they teach...


After School Enrichment

We transport in our Growing Room vans to and from some of the local schools. We also have the flexibility to offer care during No-School Days. Our vans are periodically safety checked and our teachers are insured and trained in driving children safely. We have procedures that we have followed for more than 25 years to ensure your child is always accounted for while in our care. We want our parents to feel confident that their children are where they need to be safe and sound.

Our After School Program consists of homework support so when your child is picked up at the end of the day, you can spend quality family time with them. Our teachers enjoy explaining difficult concepts and expanding their thinking processes not just giving them answers. We also plan daily enrichment activities in areas of learning and fun such as Language Arts & Culture, cooking, science, STEAM, Creative Writing, Book Clubs, Foreign Language, Family Sciences, Health & Nutrition, Enviroment, Fitness, Dance, Yoga and much more! These centers foster co-operation with friends, collaboration, social and emotional learning and develop a well rounded child.



The Growing Room Academy is a play-based childcare center with aspects of Regio-Emilio scattered in to help children learn, grow and thrive in love and acceptance.

Our two-year-old preschool program provides an enriching environment tailored specifically to the developmental needs of toddlers. Through age-appropriate activities, such as interactive play, sensory exploration, and basic socialization skills, children are encouraged to learn and grow in a supportive setting. Emphasis is placed on fostering independence, language development, and foundational cognitive skills through structured routines and engaging play experiences. Experienced educators guide young learners in discovering the world around them, laying the groundwork for future academic success while nurturing their curiosity and creativity.

The Academy’s three-year-old preschool program offers an exciting and nurturing environment designed to stimulate the minds and bodies of curious toddlers. Through a blend of structured activities and free play, children are encouraged to explore, create, and interact with their peers. With a focus on developing early literacy and numeracy skills, as well as fostering social-emotional growth, educators guide youngsters through age-appropriate lessons and hands-on experiences. Through storytelling, art projects, sensory play, and collaborative activities, children develop foundational skills while building confidence and independence. The program provides a safe and supportive space where each child's unique strengths and interests are celebrated, laying the groundwork for a lifelong love of learning.

Our 4-year-old and Kindergarten preparation preschool program offers a dynamic and structured curriculum tailored to prepare children for the transition to formal schooling. Through a balance of play-based learning and structured activities, students engage in hands-on experiences that develop essential academic, social, and emotional skills. Emphasis is placed on early literacy and numeracy skills, as well as critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Educators provide a supportive environment where children learn to work collaboratively, express themselves creatively, and develop independence. With activities ranging from group projects to individual exploration, the program ensures that each child receives personalized attention to meet their unique needs and interests. By fostering a love of learning and building confidence, the program equips children with the foundation they need to thrive in Kindergarten and beyond.


Who We Are

The Growing Room stands as a beacon in the San Ramon Valley, with roots tracing back to it’s humble beginnings in 1963 at Larson’s Childrens Center (a family owned company). The Growing Room is a California non-profit organization that began in 1989 opening 6 After-school programs in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. The Growing Room Academy is a branch of these programs opening in 2013 for preschool through 1st grade ages.

The Growing Room is tenacious about the core values that have guided it’s journey from the very beginning: a belief in the inherent worth of every child, a commitment to fostering a love of learning, and a vision of education as a transformative force for the good in the world. We believe each teacher has a duty to nurture each child in respect and love to provide the best possible growth.

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