Donations Accepted

Thank you for your continued partnership and your kind consideration of a donation. Your consideration for our staff is very much appreciated and we are all deeply touched by your kindness.

We anticipate that we are moving towards reopening our schools when the Shelter in Place is lifted, and soon our committed teachers will be back to work. While we don't know exactly what changes will be required of us, we do know that we want to keep our children safe and healthy. We need to purchase cleaning supplies, masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, thermometers, and more! Our curriculum and programs will be impacted in ways we aren't even aware of yet. Our teachers will need to change their procedures as well as their manner of teaching and cleaning. Every day, our committed employees work to support our families and now they need our help. Our organization is committed to ensuring that our children can return to loving teachers, a safe environment, and a fully functioning program.

We kindly ask that you join us in supporting our dedicated teachers and program. Your gift will help provide funds to purchase essential items and support teacher's programs. Help keep our employees and children safe and healthy during this uncertain time.